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DJ Glenniest at Monty Bar
DJ Glenniest at Daybreaker

I go by the name of Glenniest. Because I am the Glenniest. My style is indie, electronic, disco, funk, house, soul, and random jams. I DJ at bars, fashion parties, yoga events, and festivals.

Born Glennie Rabin.

Based in Los Angeles, California.

DJing for Yoga

DJ Glenniest at Wanderlust Hollywood
DJ Glenniest at Lululemon Event
DJ Glenniest at Lightning in a Bottle 2015

For me, to DJ is to create a live collage of sounds and memories and moods, to tell a story through music, and to inspire you to move and feel and breathe.

I DJ regularly at Wanderlust Hollywood, and monthly at The Yoga Collective.

I’ve provided the soundtrack for yoga sessions at Lightning in a Bottle, Daybreaker, Exhale Venice, and events for Lululemon.

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